'Christchurch' Is an Opportunity for Soul Searching


It’s time to grieve on the Christchurch massacre; but also an opportunity for soul searching. I think the rise of the far right in the west is a very complex phenomenon and can’t be discussed on a short FB post. There are so many dimensions to a problem as complex as this.

There is one Quran but it does not radicalise everyone to the same degree. Not everyone attending a mosque becomes a terrorist. Similarly not all the whites become KKK followers, living in the same environment. It’s your associations, readings, education, upbringing, worldview, economic background, travels, indoctrination, life’s events, childhood, knowledge of history, the mindset etc. which eventually makes you what you are; be a white supremacist or a Muslim suicide bomber.

There is not one cause but the question remains why Muslims are found on both sides of the terrorism spectrum; ruthless assassins as well as being mercilessly assassinated??? That’s a question which every Muslim needs to ask.

Thanks to Khalid Umar for this post.