Congress MLA Arif Masood Refuses To Recite Vande Matarm, Says Shariat Doesn't Allow It

In an act which is at par with treason, Arif Masood, a Congress MLA in Madhya Pradesh refused to recite our national song Vande Mataram. Representing the assembly seat of Bhopal Central, he came to power in last elections after defeating BJP’s Surendra Nath Singh.

The Congress MLA stoked this controversy while addressing a crowd at the All India Mev Mahasabha in Shyampur of Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore district. The gathering which comprised mostly Muslims welcomed his decision by giving a resounding clap.

He said he can’t compromise with Shariat as it doesn’t allow anyone to sing Vande Mataram. Not only this, he went overboard by saying that if someone thinks reciting Vande Mataram displays honesty, then it’s loathsome.