Here Is A Solution For Kashmir!


Kashmir is not a boundary dispute about ownership of a land strip of a few thousands sq km. There are no goldmines there. It’s not about an unjust division. It’s not about the legal rights of accession by Maharaja or a plebiscite. Its not about Azadi (freedom). Pakistan knows that Kashmiri will have more freedom in India than in Pakistan.

It’s about Islamic radicalisation.

No amount of dialogue or mediation can sort it out. Because this conflict is founded on the faith of Islam. The Kashmiri Muslims are being radicalised in the name of Islam. This issue is a creation of the ideology - Islam - which was used by the colonials to divide the subcontinent.

A false theory - Two nations theory - was created for the purpose of divide & rule. The genie of a ‘homeland for Islam’ had become a monster which created militancy, theocracy, extremism, sectarianism, religious divide; destroyed the social fabric, cohesion and a delicate homeostasis created in centuries of living together.

Indian Government must work on de-radicalisation of the Muslims in the valley. These links with Saudi Arabia and the gulf money be monitored. All Islamic Madrasshas banned and taken into government administration. What is being preached in the mosques must be closely watched. These are the dens of radicalisation. Dead extremists should not return to the communities for public funerals. Learn what USA did with OBL body.

Give the young an alternative narrative. Help create young leadership. Ban these bearded thugs from the leadership. Make life beautiful and hopeful for the people so they hate to die in vain. Education, media, High speed internet, sports, economic development, IT and tourism should be propagated.

Islam can’t survive a fight with truth; Internet & social media are enough to give it a mortal blow. Let the youth learn how to think outside the box. Guide them on the rational thinking path through curriculum and technology.

Fight extremists with heavy fist but don’t alleniate the local masses. Let them compare the Indian held Kashmir versus Pakistani held Balochistan or Pakistani held Kashmir. Let the people know it’s Indian secularism which guards everyone’ rights.

Once life becomes precious and worth living, this radicalisation will die its own death.

Thanks to Khalid Umar for this post.