Hilarious: Pakistanis Beat Their Own F-16 Pilot Semi Dead Thinking He Was Indian

In what would become a highly embarrassing situation for Pakistan, its own pilot was administered a ferocious beating by Pakistani villagers. The pilot’s aircraft, F-16, was shot down by Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthman in an aerial engagement who was flying MiG-21.

When the Pakistani pilot ejected and landed in his own territory, the locals encircled him considering an Indian. Without realizing that he belonged to the Pakistan Air Force, they started beating him who was already in semi-conscious condition.

Yesterday, Pakistani authorities were claiming that they’ve captured two Indian pilots which later turned a false statement. They tried their best to hide this goof-up but since the truth is all over in media they’ve become butt of jokes.


News is coming that he has died.



Pakistan is not a country, it’s a joke.