'Hotel Mumbai' Removed From Theatres In New Zealand For Telling Truth About Radical Islam


Reaching a new height of Muslim appeasement after the Christchurch mosque shootings, authorities have decided to pull down ‘Hotel Mumbai’, inspired from the 2009 documentary ‘Surviving Mumbai’, from New Zealand cinemas. Scott Mota, head of Icon Film Distribution, said that screenings of the movie has been halted “out of respect for a country in mourning”.

The movie which stars Dev Patel and Anupam Kher in pivotal roles, is based on the 2008 terror attacks of Mumbai in which 166 people lost their lives after Pakistani terrorists attacked India’s financial capital. The plot revolves around the staff of The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel that made heroic efforts to ensure the safety of guests by putting their own lives at risk.

The decision of pulling down ‘Hotel Mumbai’ is extremely illogical as it fails to tell that how a nation in mourning can be placated by hiding truth of another terrorist attack which was much more deadly and diabolical than the one occurred in Christchurch. The attempt of silencing the truth of radical Islam will give further space to extremists.


New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern recently met the family members of victims wearing a hijab. She could have visited them wearing her traditional attire but to give a political color she dressed up in something which signifies the oppression of women. pm


Muslims all over the world have suddenly turned into her fan for donning the symbol of subjugation.


Tony Blair rightly said that it didn’t begin with al Qaeda; nor will it end with the defeat of ISIS. The ideology is spreading like cancer which has become malignant because of people like her.


New Zealand is the ‘gone’ colony of Britishers. It’s internet censorship is tough as par China. Recently, one teenager was jailed for sharing Christchurch attack video. May god save queen!