Is Narendra Modi Going to Be Elected for Second Term?


By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

Who is going to be the next Prime Minister? This is the hottest topic! No doubt, I personally believe that Narendra Midi will continue in his office for the second term. There are a few reasons to be noted seriously.

There is no leader so acceptable to the people like Modi. So called opposition parties and their leaders have lost their credibility. Congress is main opposition, but dynastic politics has badly crippled it’s credibility. Those people who had regards for Nehru family, have almost gone. Opposition is a now a divided block, as there are many aspirants of premier post.

Now let me talk about positive side of Modi.

Modi is the most strong and decisive leader. In fact, after Indira Gandhi there was vacuum, that Modi filled it up. He is a real leader, leading from the forefront.

Following Parliament attack and 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, we have been witnessing a lot of Pakistan sponsored terror activities in the country. In such a scenario, Modi dared to allow Army to cross the border and destroy the terrorist camps.

Secondly, Modi has unparalleled quality of connecting with the masses. ‘Man ki Bat’ of Modi, continued him to connect with people of India. Modi’s intention for the nation cannot be questioned. He might not have fulfilled all the promises he had made in 2014, but few doubts his unwavering commitment to Nation. He still has maintained the confidence of most common people. I have got the opportunity to interact with the people of lowest echelon in UP, Bihar and Jharkhand, who continued to support Modi.

Corruption cannot be eliminated in a short span.

It is a global phenomena. Also, this is deep rooted in India that touched new heights during the UPA government, but demonetisation has been a shiver blow to the black money holders. Those who are attached with the real estate business, know very well. Earlier cash constituted almost fifty or even more of the total cost. Now it has touched a lowest ebb. So people believe that Modi will do his best for elimination Of corruption. In the battle of perceptions, he clearly established himself as a leader, who fights against corruption and corrupt leaders.

Under Modi, India’s achievement is very much appreciable. In such a short piece I cannot elaborate all and I have covered the all aspects in my book, ‘Discovery of new India ‘. However, I would like to mention few if them.

Women empowerment, empowerment to farmers, Swachh Bharat, medical facilities to almost forty percent of Indians up to Rs. 5 lakh per annum, and many others are very special. Now at least people will not die due to lack of funds. Can we ever Imagine? There are several positive outcome he delivered during his five years.

Defence’s modernization was stagnate. He started modernization vigorously. Even US cleared recently $2.6 billion sale of 24 navel multi-role helicopters, armed with Hellfire missiles, MK54 torpedoes and precision kill rockets to India. These will be proved as important assets to India.

Under Modi’s regime, India got the support of US, Iran, Bangladesh, Israel against the mother of all Islamic terrorism, Pakistan.

If we talk about China, only India can stop their growing influence in Indo-pacific region. Modi has intensified the rehabilitation of Indian culture, shackled by subsequent governments after independence. Once the culture is destroyed, the country’s security becomes most vulnerable. I strongly believe in Krishna’s words ‘Yada Yada Hi Dharmashya…’ Narendra Modi is the outcome of such a situation. I also believe Modi and his doctrine will get back the Indian glory.

Dr. Dinesh Mishra is a senior author based in Dhanbad, Bihar. He has penned down several books in Hindi, Maithili and English languages.