Is the modern generation of the country turning dumb and dumber?

More and more people have surrendered to the Church of Science, which is evident on social media. The blatant attack on anyone trying to put forward a theory that goes against the modern science.
The slavery to Science and in general western mindset is turning our generation dumb.

You talking about going dumb, the generation is going bonkers. During this Navratri people from Bengal tried to paint Durga Puja as a medium for fun and frolic, negating any religious or sadhana aspect from it. They believe that it is a festival to celebrate and have picnic and there is no upasana invovled.

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There are a few things which I think is fairly irrelevant. Well the author has somehow mixed up religion, devotion and culture.
To a huge part of population it is definitely about devotion as much as it is about celebration. Let’s not forget that Bengal has revered Durga for over a millennia, much before the current system of Puja started.
This so called artistic expression with themes has someway taken away the essence of the festival itself. It’s all about spending tons of money on the external decoration and going zero on the Puja Spirit. It has become like the TRP of a television show. We have unnecessarily made it complicated and show of money. The art is definitely to be appreciated but not at the cost of the spirit!
The author has merely reinstated the fact that it has become an empty show of decoration and art, by saying that there is no devotion involved. Might as well build these pandals on any time of the year, why wait for this time.
Let’s not forget the fact that all forms of art arose from religion…Dance, music, painting, sculptures etc.
To say that our country had no religion but only culture is a sheer proof of ignorance. Culture was patronized and supported by religion and not the vice versa.

It has lot to do with hindu “Spirituality” not religion as people may assume.

This may hurt you but Bengali culture never existed much long ago, it was all magadh, Kalinga, burma and kamrup(when we combine present day Bangladesh too) basically bengalis were britishers loyalist(if “slave” isn’t the polite word to describe). The argument is same with your neighbors about “rassagula”. So… Nothing cultural. Just a bunch of Mughal and British lovers who believes in “Aryan Invasion” theory forming their in festivals from same culture throughout the Eastern belt, but Only popular because Britishers made present day Bengal a business.

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@little_boy Precisely what Intellectual Slavery is. Slaves of Mughal and British who cannot deal with their lust and gluttony are justifying how Durga Puja is just another excuse for them to indulge!