Islam Has Perfected the Twin Art of Violence and Victimhood


Islam has perfected the twin art of violence and victimhood from its inception, and it has been so successfully in the art that none even comes closer. The quest for Jihad and establishing Dar-ul-Islam has resulted in claiming the lives of 42 jawans–who were killed for the very simple reason that they were the security personnels of Indian state which is de facto a kafir entity–as any entity which is not Islamic is kafir. But kafirs are the special groups who never understood Islam and its characteristics, let alone ever actively combatting to eliminate it from the face of earth. Whenever they fought against it, they considered it as just another enemy which has come to defeat them. The outcome was pretty obvious – barring India, Spain and China, it managed to either convert or kill kafirs completely wherever it decided to.

When Muhammad preached in Mecca for close to 12 years beginning from 610 AD, his message was provocative enough to get eliminated by the pagans of Arab. However, Quraish-s thought that probably someone has gone crazy who asks us to abandon our gods, our ancestors, destroy the places of our worshipping or convert it into mosques and so on. They never understood how deadly it will become in the future because pagans had a generally welcoming attitude towards someone inventing his own religion. However, when Muhammad migrated to Medina, the reason cited was that the his life along with his followers’ was in danger. What was the danger though? Was Muhammad or any of his followers killed in those 12 years? None. Muhammad wasn’t even remotely threatened physically by any of the Meccans. He was even allowed to pray to Allah in Kaba which was the most sacred place for pagans in Arabian peninsula that time. Did such tolerance save Meccans from Islam? All of them finally perished or got converted by 635 AD.

1400 years later, secularists and communists want to convince gullible Hindus that security forces were not killed due to the quest for Jihad, but due to the atrocities which he suffered at the hand of security forces. In any circumstance, the focus is to save Islam from any possible attack while blaming the kafirs for not being tolerant enough. The Jihadi killed 42 jawans yet the security forces are blamed for getting killed by the Jihadi. That’s how Islam plays the game of aggression and victimhood at the same time in which kafirs actively contribute for their own destruction.

When Muhammad Bin Kasim invaded Sindh, he wasn’t oppressed by the Hindus of Sindh. When Muhammad Ghouri ravaged the northern plains of India, he wasn’t oppressed by anyone. When Muhammad Bin Tugalaq decimated southern India, he wasn’t tortured by anyone. For a pious Muslim, mere existence of kafirs is an oppression, as the whole world belongs to Allah and kafirs aren’t letting Allah claim what belongs to him.

On the other hand, the same cabal is asking people to pray for peace and not spread hate. The message is that when kafirs are slaughtered, you shouldn’t retaliate. You must accept the fate as that’s what Allah has prescribed for you, and any aggression from kafirs’ side will lead to further aggression as if our patience has delivered us peace. The Jihad has continued for close to 1400 years unabated in all the possible ways, but we are still not prepared to accept the reality. We direct our anger towards Pakistan but we forget that what made Pakistan so was the extinction of Hindus from that area and spread of Islam. Unfortunately, in a secular state, we will never be able to deal with Islam. The secular state doesn’t recognize that an imperialistic bloodthirsty cult masquerading as religion can be a problem, so any action against eliminating the root cause or containing it will be thwarted by the judiciary for upholding secularism. As of now, we can treat symptoms and even doing that will bring some incremental peace.

Thanks to Satish Verma.