Islam Is a Sadist Ideology That Can’t See Humans Happy or in Peace


By Khalid Umar

Sri Lanka bleeds after 6 coordinated terrorist bomb blasts on high-end hotels & Churches on Easter Sunday. Foreign tourists & Christians celebrating Easter targeted. More than 140 reportedly dead & hundreds more injured. If these attacks result in mob attacks on Muslims and rioting, all the Human Rights organisations will rally around to defend the peaceful innocent minority who has nothing to do with the cowardly acts of an extremist fringe group.

In reality, this is the real Islam as taught in the holy Book & peaceful Islam is a diversion; When politically weak, secularism, when in power fundamentalism.

Islam is such a narcissistic and sadist ideology that they can’t see humans happy or in peace. The best among the believers is the one fearful of Allah all the time and suffering from the anxiety of the life after death and depression of the past. A cursed ideology where if you die killing others, you get eternal life! For whom actual life starts after death; Where all art forms (music, paintings, photography, singing, dance) are haram.

The ”pragmatism” of the UAE rulers by the stone laying of a Hindu temple over 13.5 acres of land is not a paradigm shift of Islam or Arabs. Its about the business with India and their pragmatism is linked with market interests. It may be commendable but it not based upon any interpretation of Islam but the interests of the ruling dynasty. It can’t be hailed as a ideological stance or an era of tolerance. We may wish for a pluralist world but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Islam’s stance on freedom of thought & expression has hardened over the petrodollar years. The world had seen the change of hearts of the playboy king of Brunei to a fascist Islamist recently. Remember, it does not take long for transition from Akbar to Aurangzeb.

As long as the Book exists (as interpreted) there can’t be an everlasting peace in the world. Islam is permanently at daggers drawn war with love, happiness & peace.

Thanks to Khalid Umar for this opinion piece.