Kashmir Terror Attack: Enemies Are Within Us


For the last few hours, I have been suggesting all my friends & colleagues to keep a tab on social media threads, office canteen discussions, blogs from journalists, etc. As we start observing it closely, we begin to realize that our bigger enemies are not actually across the border, but within our own nation itself, and probably even amidst us.

Just to give a quick example to begin with, if we start tracking even normal fb pages and the way users react in those pages, then our findings can be seriously horrifying. For instance, when the tragic news of the martyrdom of our jawans is published on any large fb page, then all we need to do is just check the comments & reactions, to see how the so called seculars & liberals of our own nation, are actually rejoicing.

On twitter, journalists (especially from NDTV, TOI, The Hindu etc) seem to be having a gala time, mocking the Govt, undermining our national security, and some are actually sympathizing with the proponents of the crime, instead of calling out their cowardly & shameful acts.

All we need to do is to just keep our ears & eyes open, and we can clearly see how the rot is so deeply embedded into the system around us. The same friends/teachers/celebrities whom we had been admiring all these years, have started showing their true colors now, and surprisingly, are able to influence even neutral citizens into falling for their grand narratives.

So, to summarize & conclude:

Keep a tab on all these narratives, and if you find such potential Jai-Chands around you, start distancing yourself from them (or atleast stop glorifying them in future). And most importantly, if you have youngsters/children in your families & friends circle, ensure that they don’t get influenced by them.

Via Facebook - Thanks to Guru Prasad