Muslim Militants Have Killed 120 Nigerian Christians In Three Weeks. Why The Media Is Silent?


After the Christchurch mosque shootings which claimed lives of 50 people, the international media has suddenly started targeting ‘white supremacy’. According to them, the massacre was a clear case of Islamophobia where followers of Islam were brutally gunned down by the ‘white power’ prevalent in the western countries.

However, the existing outrage among media houses and liberals is heavily biased as they have systematically subdued similar acts of crime where Muslims, contrarily, have played the role of culprits.

Since late February, 2019, 120 Christians have been killed by the Muslim jihadists in the Kaduna state of Nigeria. Multiple houses have been destroyed by the militants and thousands of innocents have been forced to relocate from their native places.


They not only shoot people (including children and women!) and set their houses on fire, but also chase fleeing victims until they are killed.


This is huge. It’s genocide of Christians but the news doesn’t suit the taste of MSM.