Over 200 Women Raped And Blackmailed In Pollachi; Culprits Are Uploading Videos On Social Media


In a shocking series of events, over 200 women in Tamil Nadu’s Pollachi district have been raped and blackmailed by criminals of a rape and extortion racket. The sensational case has been eventually transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), but the sloppiness of state police has resulted in blundering with evidences, nabbing culprits and shielding victims.

The culprits often lure young women to a secluded place and force them to have sex either by threatening or sweet talks. All the acts are recorded on camera and further used to blackmail innocent victims; asking for more sexual favors other than extorting goods and money from their family members. A lot many videos have been uploaded on YouTube and Twitter shaming the victims of sexual predators.

The racket which is active since 2011, came to the spotlight of local media after four of its members were nabbed by the police after a victim went to the police station and registered complaint against them.

The appalling criminal activity is not being widely discussed by the mainstream media but people on social media have started voicing up against it.

Some in the media are trying to pass it as ‘sex scandal’ but vigilant people are not ready to by this angle:

A valid point made:

A sensible request to stay away from videos of victims:

One of the culprits:

Where are the activists?:

Is police shielding the victims?:


More details on how the racket was exposed: