Pro-Pakistan News Portal 'The Wire' Attacks Sadhguru, Calls Him "A Blessing for India’s Hypernationalist"

Propaganda news portal ‘The Wire’ which is in the business of abusing Indian nationalists has once again stirred controversy by attacking famous spiritual leader and mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The portal which called his preachings a ‘deeply violent philosophy’ also asserts that he is a blessing for India’s ‘hypernationalists’.

The Wire, founded by India-hating mongrels and comprising a staff of same ideology, has repeatedly attacked the sentiments of nationalists in the name of freedom of expression.

Sadhguru, an open critic of dogmatism, has ran several campaigns to unite India’s people so that they can bring back their glorious past and start living in harmony. It could be understood that his idea of wholeness is unacceptable to the break-India gang and they’ve constantly attacked him (without any logic!) diabolically to undermine the idea he has for our countrymen.


‘Hypernationalism’ is a keyword The Wire can never get rid of. Remember, the trailer of URI was also ‘toxic hypernatioslism’ for the jhandu journos of this portal which is based on the ideology of douchebagery.

फटती है काफी लोगों की हिन्दू समाज से, बाकियों को नफरत है ! तिलक तक में बारूद नज़र आता है , ऐसों की नज़र नहीं साफ़ हो सकती। धरम न हिन्दू होता है न मुसलमान और न ही लेफ्ट या राइट । इसलिए धरम की तो स्थापना होकर ही रहेगी , जीव न भी रहे तब भी धरम रहेगा ही । वायर वालों की उलटी गिनती शुरू !

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