Reactionless Free Energy Generator - Is It A Possibility Now?


The movie Out Of The Void is available on vimeo and talks about Carl Schappeller’s (one german wiki page same for Paramhansa Tewari - one wiki entry in dutch language) journey of trying to build a free energy generator.

In his own words, this is what he felt about the potential and possibility of free energy.
“I am not an inventor but I know about nature and its laws. What we call space is not a void, but rather potential energy which permeates existence and creatively moves everything, without being moved itself. This energy is the basis of all kinds of possible phenomena, such as magnetism, heat, electricity and light. It is the power of primal free energy which streams through everything. Whoever has energy has power. The utilisation of this energy means a complete change of technology and national economy.”

Paramhansa Tewari who did invent a machine that was breaking the second law of thermodynamics. Check out his work at