Shame: Many Muslims Are Celebrating The Death Of Manohar Parrikar, And It Is Worrying Us


Manohar Parrikar, the man who blessed the Indian politics with his down-to-earth and hard-working nature, passed away at the age of 63 after battling cancer. Despite illness, he continued serving the country till his last breath with the spirit of never-say-no for which he was renowned.

Contrary to his fans and well-wishers who are mourning his death, there are many people who have got a reason to celebrate and cheer on this tragic event. A number of Muslims, instead of paying homage to India’s great leader, are expressing their happiness on various social media platforms. Mocking the death of a legend who has inspired many with his larger-than-life persona, is an example of hatred many Muslims have for Hindus and the BJP.

As a Raksha Mantri, he not only fortified our armed forces by introducing new schemes, technologies and weapons but also boosted the morale of soldiers by managing the surgical strike of 2016. Our heads hang in shame when our own countrymen, despite having different religious identities, make fun of a true patriot who relentlessly served our motherland with utmost honesty and passion.