Shekhar Gupta's 'The Print' Insults Army Chief General Bipin Rawat By Showing Him Anti-Women And Sexist

A disgrace to journalism, ‘The Print’ twisted a headline with manipulative storyboard to show General Bipin Rawat as anti-feminist. The article was tweeted by Shekhar Gupta without moral and ethical considerations, diffusing it into the network of liberals who love to hate our armed forces.

In an interview given to a news channel General Rawat explained why women can’t be considered for combat roles despite they are actively serving in different wings of the armed forces. Working in adverse circumstances in far flung areas and given the barbaric nature of the enemy (he mentioned Saurabh Kalia), it won’t be logical to deploy women who also have to manage maternity tasks.

Watch from 19:13 to know what he said and how the paid media house insulted him by misquoting:

‘The Print’ not only tried to show him in a bad light but also called his remark on illegal immigrants as ‘controversial’.


Such media houses are more dangerous than terrorists sitting in Kashmir and beyond borders.

The Print is full of pro-Pakistan journos.

I think they are just doing their job. And will die doing their job. Their job is to be vultures and prey on innocent country men’s belief. Their job is to capitalise, they don’t care about anything else.

People need to learn from them, how to be focused on their job. Our job is to destroy them, let us do that with full vigour and better than anyone else.