'The Caravan' Magazine Insults Pulwama Martyrs By Dividing Them On The Basis Of Caste

The so-called magazine of long-form narrative journalism is yet another piece of nihilistic filth which has spiraled out in its journey of detesting nationalism. Dividing the Pulwama martyrs on the lines of caste not only shows the rampant rise of intellectual snobbery in media ecosystem but also validates its descend into the bottomless abyss of hatred for the security forces.

The logically incoherent article written by Ajaz Ashraf, one of the keyboard lobbyists of the break-India movement, will make you realize how the satanic forces are manipulating public perception by spewing venom.


Delhi Press, the parent company of Caravan, also publishes some of the crappiest magazines like ‘Saras Salil’ and ‘Manohar Kahaniyan’. It should better stick on writing third-grade sex fictions. Journalism ain’t their cup of tea.


इनको पेलेने के अलावा कोई और इलाज नहीं है. जो आत्मा तक बेच आए है.