The shaktipeetha in Balochistan. Temple of Sati mata

A nation where Islamic extremists can conveniently persecute minorities under their discriminatory blasphemy laws, one might imagine the hapless state of religious freedom where 95% of existing temples have been either reduced to rubble or converted into commercial/residential properties or madrasas. One Babri demolition in India can cause International media frenzy, but the systematic and barbarous elimination of entire Hindu culture in Pakistan is averted charmingly by the media stalwarts.

Some of the religious sites of Hinduism in Pakistan (occupied Balochistan), for our surprise, have managed to survive despite the atrocious nature of the state. One such temple, Hinglaj Devi Mandir (described as Agneya Teertha in Shastras), is located at Pakistan-Afghanistan border in a cave of Aghor mountain in Balochistan’s Lasbela district.

There are few left in Pakistan. Most are destroyed by the Islamic invaders and is still being destroyed.
This article mentions few -