UP: 6-year-old now 22, all through seated in same posture, at same spot


This is common in India since ancient times. Indians lost the most of the knowledge available to them to connect with the higher self. It remains still in secret. The girl must have got this from her previous birth.
Check this video of a 15 year old yogi who was in samadhi -

People filmed him and western filmmakers could not believe what they saw, so they inquired and investigated about some secret pipes going underground to feed him :smiley: :smiley:

In the words of Sadhguru -

The word samadhi has been largely misunderstood. People think samadhi means some death-like situation. The word samadhi literally means sama and dhisama meaning equanimity and dhi meaning buddhi or the intellect. If you reach an equanimous state of intellect, it is known as samadhi.