Was Hitler and WW2 good for India?

Acc. to me…Yes.

WW2 was the main reason India got independence. WW2 had destroyed & emptied Britain’s coffers and was hardly in a position to continue its large empire. (Gandhi & other ‘peaceful’ freedom fighters on their own own would have failed)

Hitler indirectly contributed as one of the Axis powers WW2. Directly he did not. Shubash Chandra Bose tried to get the Nazis to fight the British in India (and after freedom make himself dictator), but Hitler never didn’t really entertain him. Thank god…)

When we look purely at the impact on India immediately after WW2, then one might think it was a blessing for us. But looking closely and then zooming out to get the whole picture will make us understand how Hitler and WW2 really affected India.

We need to fully understand how the events in history work, they too follow the universal law of Karma. We need to realise here that what Hitler did was pure ‘adharma’, and the fruit that it bears is not good for the world. We did get independence and British Empire did lost too much, but the world that we created after words - is afraid of Swastika. A symbol that truly roots in Hinduism.

What Hitler created is a hate and disgust against Swastika. The more the people will know about Hitler and his views, the more they will mistrust Hindus. This is what we witness these days.

Look at the modern times, there is not a single nation (even Israel), that would actually support India unconditionally. We don’t have any unconditional friend. I am not saying this is because of WW2 and Hitler alone. It is primarily due to the world not understanding how the Hindus are built. They fear what they don’t understand.

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