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Witness strives to present and engage in honest discussions and conversations. This is a fun place for serious seekers, a place where collective mind works to help awaken people to the reality as it is.

We do not believe in any authority. Truth should be the only authority here.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to know the reality as it is. You will find like minded people here. Together we will create some original ideas and explore in realms where Indian digital community has never delved into.

What can you find here?

Everything that is not available or is difficult to find on digital landscape will be served here. You will find things that main-stream media won’t show you, or, shadow-banning social media will never allow. Remember The Witness’ guiding principle - Truth is the only authority.

Why should you come here?

A healthy mind feasts on challenging ideas. If you need something that awakens you and your mind or simply put, if you wish to look beyond your mind’s conditioning, this is the place to be.

Before posting on The Witness, please…

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  • Visit the CATEGORIES to get a broad overview of what’s going on here.
  • Search before opening a new topic, as someone might have already created a topic.

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