When Two Congress Workers Hijacked A Plane, And Indira Gandhi Rewarded Them By Making MLA

After IAF’s strike on terror camps in Pakistan, the Indian opposition – especially Congress – has stooped to a new low by demanding the proof of strike. Apart from this, it has incessantly targeted NSA Ajit Doval using a photograph of Kandahar Hijack. According to the miserable logic of Rahul Gandhi which is used only to defame Modi and his lieutenants by spreading fake news and propaganda, Doval was the key person behind releasing three dreaded militants including Maulana Masood Azhar.

The entire opposition backed by the left-liberal media ecosystem in India however will never tell you about an interesting tale of hijacking committed by two Congress workers in 1978. When Indira Gandhi was jailed after the culmination of Emergency era, Bholanath Pandey and Devendra Pandey decided to set her free by mounting pressure on the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai. They hijacked IA flight IC 410 on December 28, journeying from Calcutta to New Delhi with 132 passengers on board, and demanded to release Indira Gandhi other than withdrawing all cases lodged against her son Sanjay Gandhi.

The hijacking took place over the skies of Lucknow and the flight was forced to fly back Varanasi. It was Ram Naresh Yadav, CM of UP, who kept negotiating with the hijackers to release passengers which also included foreign nationals. The entire episode ended when one of the hijacker’s father arrived at Varanasi airport and talked them over wireless pleading to deescalate the situation.

The hijackers, who were no less than terrorists, were rewarded by the Congress with tickets for the upcoming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. Both criminals managed to win the elections and finally reached Vidhan Sabha securing a bright political future ahead.


In fact, Congress party started the ‘culture’ of plane hijacking.


They should have been behind the bars for the ghastly act of crime, but Gandhi family rewarded them by sending to legislative assembly. What a cruel joke!

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