Why This Photograph Of Nehru And Edwina Should Be Considered As The "Most Shameless"

Edwina Mountbatten, wife of Louis Mountbatten and the last Vicereine of India, was known for her wildly promiscuous nature. Despite having a husband, she was in numerous relationships – romantic and physical – and even her daughter, Pamela, described her mother in a memoir as a “man eater”.

One of the lovers of Lady Mountbatten, Jawaharlal Nehru, was a cosmopolitan fighting for India’s freedom with a romeo hidden inside his soul. After the Mountbattens arrived in India slightly before the bloody Indo-Pak partition, Nehru kicked off his romantic stint with Edwina who was eleven year younger than him.

Just imagine a leader of independence movement who fell for the wife of a representative of oppressors. It was a submission of slave rather than being a pure love.

There relationship was not in the public domain but lensmen were particularly active in not missing any moment of PDA whenever they were spotted together. One such photograph was snapped while both were visiting a refugee camp after partition. However, this one is not only cringeworthy but also displays the highly insensitive behavior of Nehru.

Nehru was firmly holding the hand of Edwina in the refugee camp which was marred with tragedy and sorrow. He was still high on romance and lust without even considering grief-stricken people around him who had witnessed slaughter of their kin in one of the deadliest bloodbaths of Indian history.