Yes! Here Is the Biggest Evidence Indian Jets Destroyed Jihad Base In Pakistan

Following the Pulwama attack, the Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out an airstrike at a terror camp run by Jaish-e-Mohammed, deep inside Pakistan. It has been claimed that the terror base was completely destroyed and several hundred Islamic jihadis were killed in this sudden attack.

However, some secular intellectuals and politicians started questioning Modi government and armed forces.

Even secular champion West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee asked for evidence.

Banerjee questioned armed forces.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani journalist in exile, Taha Siddiqui, tweeted a clip from an audio tape – with translation – in which a Jaish-e-Mohammed leader can be clearly heard saying the Madrasa was struck down by Indian fighter planes.

Here is the tweet of Taha Siddiqui.

I think, this is one of the biggest proofs that India destroyed terror camps across the border.

Meanwhile, IAF has said that they have shared Balakot evidence with the government and it’s now upto them to reveal.